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Welcome to my website!


I am a writer and clinical psychologist as well as carer to one of my children who has a serious medical condition.


Shortly before he was born I started an online writing course and it saved my sanity when we were thrown into the confusing and heart wrenching world of children's hospitals, hospices and learning how to administer life-saving and life-sustaining intravenous nutrition and medication.


Our local hospital became our world and I am so pleased that my picture book The Hospital Hoppities, inspired by that time, and illustrated by the fantastic Anjalee Burrows, is out now!! The book is available through the Eyre press website (http://bit.ly/EyrieHoppities) or on Amazon (http://bit.ly/Hoppities)










Here is a link to the Kickstarter campaign we used to spread the word. The campaign is now closed but the link has information about the book and a video of me, Anjalee and Jane the publisher talking about the book: 


My book Self-Kindness for Mums which I also partly wrote while in hospital with my son is available in print and ebook version (links to both through the 'Publications' tab). Here are some reviews so far:


'Should be given to every new mum'


'Such words of wisdom'

Please spread the word if you know any new mums who could do with a little kindness!

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