21st century goggles

I've signed up for a triathlon yet I have no bike, haven't swam properly for 25 years and can't run for more than 60 seconds (and that only due to starting from couch to 5k NHS programme!). What I have learnt in the last two weeks is that goggles have come on AMAZINGLY in 25 years. I signed up to Amazon ad programme to promote my books but have to put an affiliate ad link here for the best piece of kit I have come across recently! I looovee these goggles- without them I was a floundering mess of bubbles and flailing limbs and couldn't manage a length of front crawl- with them I just went through the water! Cannot believe the difference!!! I can only hope that I come across a bit of kit that can help me out with the running and cycling section... tri suit with padded bottom here I come...

#swimming #goggles #triathlon

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