Writing and Child Caring

It is mostly impossible to look after children and write at the same time but very occasionally an opportunity presents itself- the soft play centre!!

My three are still small enough to need or want me a lot of the time but big enough to flee and play on their own without me occasionally so having entered the plastic sensory overload that is our local soft play cafe I thought I would be able to settle down and concentrate on some story ideas, tea in cardboard cup to hand.

I managed five minutes before oldest came to say smallest was stuck. I dutifully entered the fray and tried not to get myself too stuck in the plastic rollers or crick my nearly middle aged back trying to bend like a ferret through the plastic-coated twists and turns. I winced over the harsh climbing netting and by the time I got to smallest she was not stuck anymore but wanted me to help her climb a trampoline spider web thing that looked like a torturers device. I didn't help her up that one but did play with them all despite my notebook calling to me, slight vertigo and musings over what would happen if there was a fire.

We all had a great time bar a slight head injury when one was speedily evacuated from the buggy pushed by oldest at high speed, some bleeding front teeth when one fell against a wooden ladder in a tractor barn and the inevitable shop disappointment at the end.

And I did get a few words written, a little thinking time and have the start of a story- even if it is the start of a story that never sees the light of day!