My Lessons from First Park Run

1. Try not to be late as you will have to run to the start, argh.

2. Try not to be late as you might end up not sorting out your clothes and have to wear trousers held up by a child's sock.

3. Try not to be late as you will miss briefing and won't know how many laps you are meant to be doing potentially leading to confusion throughout (I think this would depend on the parkrun location and how it is set up no doubt but at least it gave me something to think about other than my legs).

4. Try not to trip over small dogs (which I did while trying to wave to my three children and husband dutifully standing by some playground gates).

5. It is good to get someone to take a picture of you running- I can see from the photos why my back hurts.

6. Warm up and warm down- can't believe I made that mistake. Such an error two days later.

7. Same as above for not eating afterwards until buffet food at a party that afternoon.

And I'm planning to have a re-run this weekend- let's see how many of these mistakes I can rectify next time. Picture taken by 6 six year old son and showing said trousers tied at waist by a sock. I made a meds mistake with son on IV feeds just before we had to leave for the run and the time I would have used to check which clothes to wear was spent looking up possible overdose implications- not the most relaxing start!