Emotional difficulties and hard life events effect us all and sometimes sadness, anxiety, hopefulness and even numbness can get in the way of us being able to live the life we want to. Sometimes our children's behaviour causes us sleepless nights and we could do with some help. Whether you are a parent and have a specific parenting concern or someone who is finding life hard at the moment a therapeutic helping hand can be just what you need to help shift a way of thinking or acting


I work in a non-judgemental, compassionate way, drawing on CBT, narrative therapy, mindfulness and psychodynamic theory to help clients access their own strengths. My aim is to empower clients to establish their own goals from our work together and to start and maintain change for themselves offering a supportive space for reflection. Working with individuals, families and organisations I use my training and experiences to help people find light and clarity in the face of difficulties. 


It can be hard to commit to weekly therapy sessions and that isn't always suitable for everyone. With this in mind I offer flexible alternatives to traditional face to face therapy options. Please contact me if you are unsure which package would be best suited for your needs and we can talk through how I can help.


  • Initial 30 minute telephone consultation is free.

  • Telephone and email consultations after the initial one: £40 an hour (we can decide together what is the best approach for you and whether a combination of phone and email time is best depending on your specific needs and goals).

  • Nursery, pre-school, school and business consultations: prices dependent on hours and need, please contact me to discuss options. 


How do e-therapy sessions work?

For each 'session' you email me up to 2000 words and I reply with my considered reflections, suggestions, and thoughts. If you choose to have a package of sessions we will be able to enter into more of a dialogue about any difficulties you may be facing. Alternatively we can do half telephone half email consultation which is sometimes helpful if you have some specific details to discuss that would work better over the phone e.g. about your child's angry outbursts, anxiety, school refusal etc.

What is my writing isn't very good?

Don't worry about your punctuation or spelling, the main thing is expressing yourself and sharing it. 

What about confidentiality?

All our work is confidential within the usual therapeutic boundaries. I would not disclose your details to anyone unless there was any risk to yourself or anyone else.

What sort of difficulties are e-therapy sessions good for?

Specific issues such as parenting concerns, children's behaviour, life changes, life dissatisfaction. They are good if you like to express yourself in the written form or if you like to see written information rather than verbal.

Are e-therapy sessions good for everyone?

E-therapy sessions are not suitable for anyone in crisis, anyone suicidal or with significant mental health issues. If you are in crisis at the moment or having thoughts of self-harm contact emergency services, your GP, hospital or in the UK the Samaritans on 116-123. There are some helpful numbers and contacts here if you or anyone else might need them:https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/suicide/getting-help/

What about payment?

When you contact me to arrange the best plan for you I will send you payment details. Payment for telephone and e-sessions are to be made before the sessions start.