My little book (Self-Kindness for Mums) to help new mums be kinder to themselves and ease the inner critic is available in paperback and ebook versions:


I am a contributing author to a couple of chapters in Managing Anxiety with CBT for Dummies by Graham Davey, Kate Cavanagh, Fergal Jones, Lydia Turner and Adrian Whittington:














And to a chapter in Clinical Psychology (Topics in Applied Psychology) Edited by Graham Davey, Nick Lake and Adrian Whittington:




My picture book The Hospital Hoppities is available through publishers Eyrie Press ( or on Amazon (











This book was inspired by the many months I have spent in hospital with one of my children. I wanted to write a book for children for whom hospital is a familiar place as well as for children whose hospital stay is brief (and a more unusual event). 

I have also written for The Green Parent, ABC Magazine Sussex, Complex Child online magazine and guest blog for

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